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    PHP Library

    Requirements PHP Library requires:

    • PHP 5
    • cURL module for PHP
    • enabled PDO module in PHP
    • any PDO compatible database and appropriate driver in PHP

    Most hosting providers already comply to all of these.


    Download the library now:

    Standard version

    Basic usage

    The following code shows basic usage of PHP Library (Standard version)

    $api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY";
    $receh_id = new RecehID($api_key);
    # To send 500 satoshi to address
    $result = $receh_id->sendBalance("1asdbitcoinaddressheredsa", 500);
    if($result["success"] === true) {   # you can check if it was successful
        echo $result["html"];           # there's example html ready for you
    } else {                            # something went wrong :(
        log_error($result["response"]); # you can log whole response from server
        echo $result["html"];           # and display error message to user