We take your privacy seriously

    Privacy Policy


    1. coin ltc24 uses cookies (small data saved in User's web browser) to:
      • make using website easier, by saving entered address when checking it's balance
      • store users session to allow logging in
    2. coin ltc24 allows third parties (Google Analytics, etc) to set cookies on Users web browser or use web beacons to gather information to track and counts visits to coin ltc24.
    3. User can disagree to receiving cookies using his browser's settings.

    Server-side stored information

    1. coin ltc24 stores Username and E-mail of registered users.
    2. coin ltc24 keeps logs of each payment (details like which registered user requested it, destination address and amount).
    3. All server-side stored information is used only for:
      • providing service for User
      • creating statistical data
    4. User can request deletion of all information mentioned in point 1. and 2. by:
    5. coin ltc24 reserves itself 30 days to respond to the request and a right to reject it if it contains invalid data.