Very easy to install and ready to use faucet script

Multi captcha support. Choose your favourite one!

coin ltc24 Faucet supports SoleveMedia, reCaptcha, Are you a human, CaptchMe and Reklamper. You can choose which captcha system to use on your faucet. You can also enable more than one and let your users choose which one they prefer to use.

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Customizable themes. Make your faucet unique!

There are 3 default templates in coin ltc24 Faucet - base, default and SpaceRacket. You can choose your favourite one and customize it to make your faucet unique. If you have design and programming skills you can create your own template - copy base theme files and change whatever you want!

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Reverse proxy support. For your security!

Want to protect your faucet with CloudFlare or Incapsula? That's not a problem as coin ltc24 Faucet supports them. Just login to your faucet's Admin Panel and select your reverse proxy service. Your coins are even more secure now!

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1. Download

Download the lastest version of coin ltc24 Faucet Script and unzip downloaded archive.

2. Configurate

Open config.php file with any text editor and replace default values with your database connection parameters. You can get them from your hosting provider.

3. Upload files

Upload all files to your server. Usually you can do that using FTP, SFTP or similar service.

4. Customize

Open your website and go to Admin Panel. You can customize your new faucet there.


Everything should be already installed and enabled on most servers. If you have your own server, here are all requirements:

  • PHP 5.4 or newer, including:
    • cURL module
    • PDO + MySQL modules

  • OpenSSL 1.0.0 or newer
  • MySQL server

Update instructions

  1. Copy your config.php file to a safe place.
  2. Download latest version and unpack it.
  3. Upload all unpacked files to your server
  4. Restore your old config.php file